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Research has shown that many students are not able to solve even a simple and common mathematical problem, said Professor Marianna Tzekaki, Department of Early Childhood Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in an interview on March 2016. Disappointing is the school performance on Math, even though -Mathematics is a critical science for the human application and development in the daily life. Significant changes are needed to be implemented in the didactic approach of our educational system; the current  math curriculum is obsolete, because students give emphasis on memorization and short term problem solution, lacking the foundation skills & knowledge of reasoning, problem solving, judgment, discretion, analysis and synthesis of critical information, that modern people need to deal with daily problems.


Eye Level Mathematics is provided by Daekyo International, a global educational leader with 40 years history and more than 2.5 million member students in 1350 learning centers around the world. They are based on a unique and simple philosophy that instructors must first become students of their own students.  Eye Level nurtures Self-Directed Learning step by step, with an innovative online-offline blended curriculum that makes the students critical thinkers. Eye Level teaches them on how to think logically,  develop judgment, reasoning skills and deep perception, and obtain the competence to analyze, synthesize and evaluate useful information from vast data. It - therefore-  enables them to make the best decision ever at school now and at their adult years later in life.

Eye Level is aligned with the US Education Standards as it is approved by the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics in the USA. With an 1:1  instructor-to-student ratio it reaches children ages 3-18, and makes them longlife learners and academic achievers

Eye Level English is based on the state standards for English Language Arts. The program guides students into the mastery of reading and writing skills through a systematic and incremental learning approach that fosters self-directed learners.

Happy Talk is a situational English program that entertains and at the same time teaches our students English based on various visual and acoustic activities  by giving emphasis on oral conversation.

Eye Level Chinese is an innovative and systematic learning method of simplified Chinese, reviewed by the Beijing University, that helps students understand the Chinese culture, widens their future opportunities and enhances brain development.

Eye Level as a premium supplemental education program,  not only strengthens  the students' abilities at school, but it also fully prepares them for state, international and academic examinations - like the SAT and any other kind of Assessment Knowledge and Skills tests are!

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