Dear students,

Dear parents,

Mathematical literacy is not an aim without effort. It is no effort without aim.

Why Eye Level math Olympiad

The Math Olympiad Courses were designed in order for the participants to win:

  • Timing and Writing Technique
  • Structured Mathematical Education (not Mathematical Technique)

The result of the two above objectives is to obtain substantial supplies for life but also success in their respective school curriculum.

One Dream


One Team

On this journey of knowledge with only one ultimate benefit:

The smile of our children's self-confidence in Mathematics.



Do It Yourself

Subjects of previous Olympiads per Level









"Setting Higher goals and providing stydy guidelines"

The Eye Level Math Olympiad is an annual math contest that began in 2004. Eye Level members and non-Eye Level members around the world can participate. The Eye Level Math Olympiad is held each November and the number of participants grows each year.

Objective and Scientific Questions

The Eye Level Math Olympiad is a test designed to challenge students’ math skills in a variety of areas including problem-solving, reasoning, communication, and critical thinking.

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The Eye Level Math Olympiad inspires students to strive towards higher goals in their Eye Level studies. The Math Olympiad is available to all students, and aims to promote the mathematical skills of students of all levels around the world.

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