Eye Level is the fastest growing premium - after school - enrichment educational program in the world, targeting children 3-16 years of age. Eye Level operates now 1350 centers with over 2,5 million enrolled students in 22 countries!

Our ultimate goal is to nurture problem solving, critical thinking, and lifelong learning. In that way our students could succeed at every level of formal education and beyond!

Our Eye Level learning program accommodates students with a variety of cognitive dexterities:

  • by offering continuing support to low grade students with the goal to build up their self-confidence, and improve their concentration and productivity, but also
  • by challenging academically gifted children with the goal to create the next generation leaders.

Our strong points are summarized as follows: 1 student : 1 teacher personalized coaching that leads to understanding and consolidation of the acquired knowledge, effective study and as a result speed and accuracy in problem solving, self-confidence and self-reliance.

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Eye Level English and Math programs are based on U.S. Department of Education curriculum standards. Our programs have been recognized by the NCTM (National Council of Teachers in Mathematics) and NCTE (National Council of Teachers in English).

Eye Level Math Olympiad, Eye Level Literary Award and Model United Nations Camp, are Global Competitions, where both our member and external students can participate, with world class rewards and international gift trips to the winners.

Eye Level will be organizing Eye Level Critical Thinking Brain Booster, Play Math Booster and Happy Talk Booster, an intensive 1 or 2-months special program in June and July.

In this special program –Eye Level Critical Thinking Booster and Play Math Booster-, your child will be exposed to various critical thinking questions which enhanced student's problem solving capability, analytical skill, and logical sense. 

Also, Happy Talk is a situational English program that keeps students entertained with various visual and activities.  Instructor feedback provided both online and offline allows students to achieve balance among the four key English skills.

For more information, please visit your nearest Eye Level Learning Center or call 210 - 6205050.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Eye Level Critical Thinking Booster is open to:

  • Non-Eye Level students
  • Existing students not enrolled in Eye Level Math or Eye Level Math Online

Working Hour: Monday- Friday 13:00-20:00 & Saturday: 10:00-15:00
We are located at 102 Tatoiou Street in Nea Erythrea, 14671.
Contact us through our special form or call us at 210-6205050.