Chinese Eye Level Chinese is a systematic Chinese learning program designed to let students study the four skills of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

  1. Chinese - eye level chinese concept
  2. Chinese - structure
  3. Chinese - worksheets
  4. Chinese - learning materials
  • Widen future opportunities
  • Understanding Chinese culture
  • Enhanced Brain Development

Features of Eye Level Chinese Junior

1. Systematic Level Learning - Speaking Practice
It is constructed to express their own thoughts from situational conversations to topic discussions based on applied sentences and systematic grammar.
2. Self-study Ability - Self-study
this program is not based on the cramming system, but on the learners' ability for self-study to enhance their learning effects. It is made for learners to speak, listen, read and write for themselves and it makes their self-learning ability improve.
3. Creativity - Applied Learning
Instead of the existing one-dimensional learning, Eye level Chinese increases the learners' application ability and their creativity with various activities combining games and learning which can stimulate learners' interest.
4. Standard Beijing Pronunciation and Vocabulary
Learn the standard Chinese pronunciation by analyzing oral structures, and making use of the Beijing standard vocabulary under the supervision of Beijing University professors.
5. Experience China - Learn Chinese Culture
By introducing various and interesting information about Chinese culture through pictures, the learners can experience Chinese culture indirectly and can get familiar with Chinese