ChineseEye Level Chinese is a systematic Chinese learning program designed to let students study the four skills of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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  • Main Booklet

    Chinese exercises  - Main Booklet

  • Writing Book

    Chinese exercises  - Writing Book

  • Diagnostic Test

    Chinese exercises  - Diagnostic Test

  • Achievement Test

    Chinese exercises  - Achievement Test

  • CD

    Chinese exercises  - CD

  • Flash card

    Chinese exercises  - Flash card

  • Sound Chart

    Chinese exercises  - Sound Chart

  • Teacher’s Guide

    Chinese exercises  - Teacher’s Guide

  • Study Chinese

    Chinese exercises  - Study Chinese


    Chinese exercises  - Study Chinese


    Chinese exercises  - Study Chinese


    Chinese exercises  - Study Chinese

Eye Level Chinese Materials

Eye Level Chinese Curriculum
Level 1 Introduction Master intonation and phonetic alphabet
Level 2 Basic
  • Learn basic conversation through self introduction
  • Learn basic vocabulary and 20 basic sentence structure that are the most key in China
Level 3 Beginning
  • Acquire basic Chinese character
  • Improve basic conversation skill through modify the sentence structure
Level 4 Intermediate Ⅰ
  • Learn declarative sentence form
  • Learn intermediate level grammar types
Level 5 Intermediate Ⅱ Acquire various expression about same topics through repeat conversation of short and long dialogue
Level 6 Advanced Ⅰ Express oneself thoughts through conversation and description about particular topics
Level 7 Advanced Ⅱ Learn vocabulary, idioms, phrase etc what need in advanced conversation and discussion