happy talkHappy Talk is a situational English program that keeps students entertained with various visual and activities. Instructor feedback provided both online and offline allows students to achieve balance among the four key English skills.

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On-line Contents

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Off-line Contents : Textbook

  • Fairy TalesListen to and follow along basic conversations that take place in Fairy Tales. Learn basic expressions with new vocabulary, chants, and games.
  • At SchoolLearn basic expression that take place at schools with peers such as introducing oneself, expressing my feeling, taking exams, and etc.
  • At HomeLearn general expressions that may take place at home, such as inviting friends, describing my family, doing household chores, and etc.
  • In the CommunityLearn challenging expressions and grammatical patterns that can be used in our everyday lives, such as going to an exhibition or a hospital, purchasing products at a store, and etc.